Hi, I’m Megan! 

Favorite Day of the year? My Birthday!  Ask anyone and they will tell you I am obsessed with my Birthday.  I love my B-day more than I love Fitness but FITNESS is F***ing awesome.  If fitness isn’t on your top 10 favorite things, let me help you!!  I will show you the love, teach you to love it and help you, love you!  I love me- do you love you?  If you don’t, you should!  Self-love is the key to happiness. It’s taken me 30ish years to figure it out but finally, I think I’ve nailed it- well, kind of! 

I’m Megan VanEyll- I’m the president of Shape It Up Fitness. I have a long-term fiancé, Marcus, he is the VP of SIU.  It’s a title he doesn’t want but generously keeps.  One time he ran 2 miles with me it was about 9 years ago and he still feels the burn.  Together we created an adorable little girl, she lights up our world and also drives us bat shit crazy.  Her name is Ruby and she says “bay bee” 300 times a day.  Becoming a mom has been a wild journey, my heart has tripled in size and now I’m tired 24/7.  How do you get in so many steps a day?  I sweep the floor all the time!  Marcus, Ruby and I are a mini little tribe- we spend a lot of time together doing fun things- our favorite is lake days!  When we can, we pass Ruby off to our amazing family (Let’s hear it for awesome grandparents!!!) We love to go on dates and I encourage us to make toasts.  We toast about anything and sometimes get toasted!!  Dating is our JAM, we love to hit the golf course, day drink and spend time laughing!  

As an individual I’m into so much.  I want to do all the things- I’m always in a rush and pushing myself to the limits.  A daily question I ask myself is, “How can I live it up today?”  I spend a lot of time working on me, keeping my energy high and participating in self-care.  As much as I love people, I enjoy alone time….ahhhh, the silence! I have goals, I’m positive and most people think I’m fun- so that’s me! Just a boss babe, mom- living her best life while inspiring others to do the same!  If I compare myself to pizza- I am far from cheese, I’m like an everything pizza, extra crushed red peppers, extra pineapple and a side salad- because vegetables are life (comparing people to pizza is hilarious- something I do often). Did I mention I love REAL food?  Over time I’ve become an intuitive eater.  I listen to my body and eat things that make me feel my best.  Wine and coffee are on my list of real foods.  I believe everything in moderation is  fine.  I believe in signs from the universe and my guide animal is an alligator.  I’m into psychics, energy, self-improvement books, podcasts and stalking my favorite influencers on Instagram.  My dreams include going on a safari, owning a Lake Home, driving an old ass restored Bronco, meeting Oprah, filming some cool vlogs and fitness videos in tropical locations and someday influencing a giant crowd of people to put their hands up while we play some Gangsta Rap music, raise our vibe and leave feeling all badass and shit! As I strive to make these goals reality- I’ll just be Living It Up, running SIU, growing Sweat with Megan and having fun every day, all day.