It’s the question of the week: are you ready to have this baby? My answer is HELL YES! I mean not in this exact moment am I 100% ready ready but mentally I am excited AF! I have plenty of questions and mind chatter that keeps coming up. We don’t have everything at home as neatly organized and cute as we did with Ruby but, this time around, I have what I didn’t have last time and that is experience! Sure, things will be wild because the dynamics are different but I actually feel prepared or so I think (I’ll report on this once Babes arrives). I know how to breastfeed, change a diaper, swaddle and juggle a million things at once. I am honestly really proud of myself for keeping it all together these past two years. Cheering for myself here but most of the time I do feel like a pretty solid Mom Boss. I’m sure this baby will slide in smoothly and allow me to keep Living It Up! As D-day gets closer and closer, I do have a few anxious thoughts that keep coming up and if you follow Live It Up With Megan on Instagram, I posted a few questions the other day:

1. Will I instantly love Baby No. 2, like I love No. 1?

2. Will I think about Ruby 24/7 while at the hospital with a new baby?

3. Will there be time to eat?

4. What does a toddler do while you breastfeed 24/7?

If you have advice, comment. I’d love your tips and suggestions!

Here is how I am feeling about each question:

1. I really LOVE Ruby; I mean, she’s been my center of attention for almost 2 full years. We’ve spent countless hours together. I learn new things about her daily, but I’ve got some basic knowledge about her down pat. When she arrived, it was like my attention on so many other things got left behind because I instantly picked her. Normal Mom shit right? Your kid/s seriously come first. Well, how can kid No. 2 show up, late to the party and you just naturally feel as connected and as much love? Child one is ahead; that relationship is established, you have hours of time invested. It boggles my mind that all of a sudden, it’s an equal feeling of love. The feedback on the post was all positive. The message was clear: your heart has room and I don’t doubt that, but I do struggle with how it can instantly be the same love. I guess I’ll report back on all the feels! In the meantime, I’ll keep having a little anxiety pondering over this question.

2. Ruby and I hang out sun up to sun down, on average, 5 days per week, she’s my full, full- time job and lately we have really been connected at the hip. I am crying now as I type this because I am super emotional, but also because I am kind of sad our “just us” time together is ending. Is this normal???? I am obsessed with our bond, and adding a new baby seems exciting but also fills me with guilt (probably why I am struggling with question 1.) I know I’ll love this baby and the excitement of its arrival but 2 nights at the hospital away from Ruby is making me sad. I love daycare days, but I am that parent that can’t wait to pick her up because I miss her! When we ditch her on the weekends, Marcus and I spend 90% of our time talking about how quiet and “boring” it is without her home or around. I am feeling sad about this. Maybe I will be so content that everything will be find and dandy. Again, I’ll tune back in and let you know!

3. All I remember after having Ruby was how hungry I was, to the point of hanger. I was never that hungry during Ruby’s pregnancy or this pregnancy. But once my titties started producing milk, the hunger was so intense. I was constantly starving. I’d chow and chow and chow and still be hungry. But the problem was there never seemed to be time to eat, which is how I always ended up hangry. I’ve been crazy about “stocking up” our house. I keep saying, “We need to stock this house up with food,” “Do you remember how hungry I was, we need more food on hand.” I am seriously so concerned for my post-baby hunger it’s almost laughable considering I am sick of food right now. It’s a weird anxious thought. But if you are bored after I have this baby, bring me food. Healthy stuff of course; bowls of cut-up fruit and vegetable trays please! Or those lactation cookie things or protein balls and of course wine, champagne, margaritas……

4. Breastfeeding a child is a labor of love. I think statistics say there are more hours dedicated to your titties than a full-time job. All I remember is it’s a very time-consuming task. Round 1: I was happy to spend all those hours bonding and I could work while I did it. I’d update social media, answer emails, make phone calls, yada yada. Round 2: I’m like “How the fuck is this going to work,? Ruby wants my phone if she sees it. If I’m on my computer she wants to “I help” and, if I seriously don’t work a little during all those hours spent milking, I will definitely fall behind. I’m a multitasker to the max, breastfeeding without multitasking give me heart palpitations. I’ve definitely lost sleep over this though; the idea of my to-do list building up kills my vibe. I’m sure I’ll figure it out, but I’ve appreciated all the great tips and ideas on this specific question. If you have an idea to add, please comment!

So yes, I am ready to have this baby and tackle all of the challenges ahead! I can’t wait to meet him, kiss him, cuddle him and introduce him to the world! Did you know I’m also very excited for a post-baby margarita? And I’ve been planning so many awesome things for both SIU and Mom Boss that I truly can’t wait to showcase what’s ahead!

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