It’s no secret that I love to have fun: I don’t take anything too serious and my favorite pastime activity is Shaping It Up To Sip It Down! I created Live It Up with Megan as a place to showcase how I live this lifestyle, keep my vibe high and motivate others to have some fun. I am an open book, I swear a lot, and I love rap music and happy hour. If you ask me questions, I’ll give you my honest opinion. If I love you, I will love you hard. And I don’t like confrontation, fakeness or getting copied.

I started this blog nine months ago with lots of fear; I didn’t know if people would read it. I was scared it would be a waste of time. But something in my heart kept telling me to do it. I talked about starting a blog for a number of years before actually putting one foot – make that one writing hand – in front of the other. I was terrified. Nobody wants to put themselves out there and then have it flop. But after a lot of hard thinking, I told myself “If the worst thing that could happen was it was a waste of time, at least you had fun while you did it, right?!” The goal for me is always about fun!

About four weeks into Live It Up With Megan, I got pregnant. If you’ve been following me during pregnancy round two, you know all the details. If you arrived on my page fresh today, here’s what you missed:


Pre Pregnant- See Wine!

Jump In and Live It Up (Post 1) – This post is the voice behind it all!! I went on to share a few other things; my go-to smoothie recipe, Shape It Up Baby (my first born) and What’s in my lake bag. I tell you about my passion for my birthday, my secrets behind my diet, how I keep my energy up and why I love Collagen Peptides -all real life, authentic details about me! And then……….

I got pregnant. Mic drop: How am I going to continue to Live It Up and inspire the world when everything I do is about to change and we got OMG news! It was a roller coaster of emotions for the first 12 weeks. I definitely learned a lot, shed plenty of tears and started to open my heart wide open to everything I was suppose to learn over the next 28 weeks (pregnancy is 40 ‘ish weeks total) which – for the record is LONGER than nine months. Don’t be fooled ladies, it’s a really long fucking time!

All the feels!

I wanted to hit delete and close down the site. I had zippo motivation to continue. Then I thought “No, I am going to keep going. If I can keep my momentum up and capture an audience while sober, gaining weight and talking about deeper stuff, then I WILL HAVE NO PROBLEM getting back to COOL AF posts after baby arrives.” I’m 37 weeks today and for real, the countdown is on. Soon I’ll be sipping wine, sliding back into intense fitness, hitting the lake and tackling Mom Boss Life with two kids.

For the past few months we’ve been talking about a lot of stuff; I’ve taken you on this pregnancy journey with me! And for that, I thank you! I greatly appreciate you following my journey and sharing your comments and feedback. I love nothing more than when a friendly face reaches out either in person or virtually and says “Hey, I love reading your blog,” or “I love your energy” or “Thanks for inspiring me.” It truly makes this all the more fun!

As I sit and reflect over this pregnancy, I want to share a few things I’ve learned:

1. Your own happiness is truly the only happiness that matters. It sounds so cheesy, but I’ve done so much “thinking” about my happiness during this period of time. Things I thought were making me happy weren’t. And sometimes I was mad because I was choosing something because I wanted to feel happy but knew the option I was choosing wasn’t going to actually make me happy. Here’s an example: Tagging along to the fish house. I’m happy to ice fish a few times per season but finally I said, “This isn’t making me happy.” Sitting at home, journaling and reading actually makes me happy, so I realized Marcus should go fishing without me. I started to gladly pass up ice fishing, give him a kiss and say “Go fill your bucket!” (literally with fish and with your happiness) and I’ll do what make me happy. Then later or tomorrow we can both feel extra happy because we both did our thing! I started choosing my happiness over what I thought would make all of us happy. The end result is when you pick your own happiness, it does actually make everyone happier!

2. I’ve gotten strict with saying NO. Again, cheesy. Saying no, does it really make a difference?! Hell yes it does. I am kind of a “yes” person filled with people-pleasing qualities. But that’s the old me, my old story, my old belief. I finally started saying “No,” or better yet, “That doesn’t work for us,” and it feels really good. The old me didn’t want to disappoint people but she’s gone. I please myself first. If I say no to you, it’s nothing personal, it just me working on my own happiness first.

3. I love routine. I always knew this, but seriously, consistency is my life! When you are consistent things work. Becoming a mom has made me realize how much I enjoy a solid routine. Routine makes me happy and allows me to say no. I’m sure a few people think it’s crazy I’m such a routine junkie but it works for me and I love it.

4. Pregnancy is a time to LIVE IT UP as much as any other time! I’ve had a ton of personal growth happen both physically and mentally over the past nine months. I’ve learned so much about myself while falling in love with the process of growing a human. I can’t wait to welcome him to the world and see where we go from there!

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