First, I want to thank so many of you for the love and support you have shown over the past 12 weeks.  The encouragement and confidence you see in me has been unreal.  I’ve thought so much about how supportive my family, friends, clients, followers and entire community have been.  Everywhere I went people have lit up my world with compliments, excitement and hugs.  Marcus has felt the love too. We are so grateful for all of it.  This emotional roller coaster continues and today I’m sharing a bit of sad news.

Yesterday we had our 12-week appointment with our OB.  After a 30 minute chat that left me overwhelmed, she had me hop on the table for a routine heartbeat check.  In that moment I think I knew something was wrong.  She was only able to find one heartbeat, but said this is often happens with twins because they are still so small and can mirror each other. Nothing to be worried about, but  she had us schedule a quick ultrasound for today too confirm two growing babies.  As quickly as we saw twins, my heart sank, as I only saw one baby appear on the screen.   If you read our “OMG” news blog, I said I felt all the feels when I saw two babies- this happened again.  I felt them all in a different way.  Sadness, relief, devastation, confusion, why me…it was all there.  And then tears.  Man, this has been the most ups and downs one girl can handle in three months.  The ultrasound tech was so kind, she told us our growing baby looks healthy.  She saw two arms, two legs, and we got an adorable side profile.  Happiness with total sadness.  I’m not sure how the days will unfold but I do know this news once again changes our entire life.  Marcus hugged me; we left the appointment with a whole new perspective on life.  What a wild ride. 

As we continue this pregnancy with one healthy, growing baby we plan to focus on all the positives.  This is life and it’s absolutely unpredictable.  The message that was clearly given to me over and over during this first trimester was, life only gives you what you can handle.  When I remember this, things seem all the better.  As sad as Marcus and I are today, we are hopeful for a bright future, a growing family and a healthy baby in the womb.  You better believe I plan to document the rest of this pregnancy, with growing belly pics, updated life posts, and so much more Living It Up pregnant deets.  Thank you again for the love, support, encouragement and positive vibes sent my (our) way! 

My deepest condolences to any family who has suffered the loss of a baby, I wish you peace and send you my love. 


  1. OMG, Megan
    I am so sorry hearing and reading about your babies. It has been so fun reading about your journey in the beginning , now your journey has changed and I’m not sure what I should say. It makes me so sad. I will keep all this in my thoughts and prayers for you and Marcus. Please know there are many who are thinking of you , not knowing what to say, feeling sad and at the same time excited about your pregnancy . Take care you two, I should say 3.🙂🙂👶+🤱

  2. I’m so sorry for your news about your baby, not an easy lesson to learn. Happiness in the forming of your child and what you could see on ultra sound. Im sending big hugs to you and Marcus. If you need anything just knock on my Kathy

  3. I’m so sorry to hear your news- life changes every day- I will continue to keep you & your family in my thoughts & prayers
    Love you-Colleen

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