Ever feel like your phone is stocking you? I barely think something in my head and bam, it’s on my IG newsfeed. Is Google hooked up to my brain? Am I Alexa? Is my phone really that “smart?” Gosh, I’m starting to wonder. I totally get it when I say something out loud – my phone hears and then stalks me by serving ads. But the things I am thinking about often times are random, daydreams … things I haven’t even fully thought out. Insert mind-blowing emoji here! They pop up everywhere! I am most certain the Universe is hooking me up and saying, “Get It Girl, you’re on to something!” Gotta listen to that intuition …and I’m getting better!

Over the past few years, I’ve been known to predict things. I come up with something random and then I see it everywhere. I swear I was the inventor of the phrase “Shape It Up to Sip It Down.” This was my tag line for SIU at the beginning, and everything I hosted or planned involved fitness, fun and drinks! Before long, every single fitness studio was hosting events including drinks after a workout.

The newest obsession added to my resume, Mom Boss Inc. (learn more here) is a little daydream I created to encourage and supports moms to be ambitious, fierce, driven and outspoken while filling they up with positive vibes and love. The goal is to motivate moms to live it up every day!!! Take a look around and MOM BOSS is everywhere! People are sending me pictures of the phrase plastered all over everything including Caribou gift cards (I’ll take one if you’re buying).

Then do you remember how I made a PSA about tie-dye? Well, if you haven’t seen the epidemic, tie-dye is fucking everywhere and I am excited AF because seriously, who doesn’t love tie dye? So who’s stalking who?

As I sit and patiently wait for the arrival of babe I’d like to tell you a few upcoming trends I think are about to go viral, either because I’m jumping on a trend -wagon or because I’m mastering my intuitive skills-

First up, Bandanas. I wear a bandana ever year on the 4th of July and then for a few weeks following I always think, “I should keep this up bandanas are so fun.” Last summer I made a little note to self and then came across it while planning out the 2020 SIU events calendar. It said. “SIU swag order bandanas for the summer.” Our Summer Challenge is called “Babes in Bandanas!” Watch out, I bet bandanas are going to be everywhere soon!

Secondly, Super Foods. Now, I know Super Foods are always coming and going. People go crazy for Acia berries and then Acia berries disappear. I fall into trendy traps all of the time. Last year I was a nut over celery juice and then you tried celery juice too, right?! (Celery juice is coming back into my life soon. I miss that shit and the celery juice “shits” that come with it!) I’ve also been a Collagen junkie for five years, and now Collagen is everywhere and in everything! House plants …yeah, I am now into those right now, too. Keeping up on trends is what we do – #trending.

Anyway, during this pregnancy, I’ve been stalked by “Your Super, Super Foods” and the Universe telling me to add more nutritional components to SIU! What started out as a tiny nudge has become a total obsession! Your Super products have entered my newsfeed on the regular, I’ve had multiple friends mention their 5-day detox (raving about how awesome they’ve felt) and now I can’t stop stalking the company. I ordered a bunch of product, started mxing it into my routine and have been going crazy talking about it. We are now carrying the Your Super Line at SIU. I’m going to begin running 5-Day Detox Groups, plus we are hosting taste events to sample the products and more! I am absolutely jacked over Super Foods! Our first Taste Event is coming Saturday, April 4. I’m teaming up with Jean Moore to showcase fun recipes, incorporating the Your Super products straight from their Your Super Cookbook. We will talk more about the 5-Day Detox and how to add Superfoods to your life. Follow our social media to keep in the loop! Buy tickets to the event here! Limited space!

Third, I bet Tevi keeps getting healthy AF! If you didn’t know, Marcus started playing tennis last summer and has transitioned that passion into racquetball. I am so proud of him, I always knew he’d come around to fitness. I can’t wait to see if he’ll jump on board the Super Food trend with me. He’s been asking when celery juice is coming back! Soon he will have a six-pack under his shirt and not just in his hand! Can’t wait to sneak some photos in as we tackle my revenge body together! If your hubby hasn’t made the switch to become a healthy honey yet, don’t nag him … but it’s coming! Trending healthy hubbies coming soon to a house near you!

No matter who’s stalking who, I’ve filled you in on what’s going to be cool AF this Spring and Summer. Jump on the trend train, buy some tie-dye, grab a ticket to the Super Food Taste Event, plan to join us for the Babes in Bandana challenge and tell your honey, “If Tevi can do it, you can too!” Now keep stalking me so my predictions are true!

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