I’m not great at keeping secrets. In fact, I don’t love knowing secrets and I hate keeping secrets! So, if you have a secret, I’m not your person. But over the past week months, I’ve been keeping something “kind of” a secret. And by “kind of,” I mean I’ve told my closest friends, several clients, my family and my tribe what’s going on, but the general public might be clueless. Last week I finally did a mini teaser in my Instagram story and today I’m ready to go blast!

Shape It Up Fitness is moving to Main Street in Waconia! The deal is almost sealed! After several months of twisting the VP’s arm, I finally got him to agree! A downtown Waconia location with foot traffic, cool neighbors and a new vibe is exactly what Mom Boss Megan needs for the new decade! Randomly the stars aligned and I’ve had the pleasure to find the perfect location!

Say Bye to the Window Trim!!
Cool Neighbors!

Pam and Mark Braunwarth are no strangers to the area. The couple have been longtime family friends and, over the past decade or two, I’ve watched them turn one cool idea after another into a successful business. Mocha Monkey, Unearthed Arts, Oliver Clay Co., Uplift Your Life Feng Shui are just a few of the amazing companies this duo have started. And Mark, owner of Braunwarth Well Company, also removed a well from our old-ass house! These two seriously rock! When they offered me the chance to buy their property, I instantly knew I wanted it. When I introduced Marcus to the couple, he fell in love a little bit, too. Mark and Pam have been unbelievably patient with me while I navigate the process of buying a building. I’ve never bought anything more than a car, so this process has been fun, exciting and slightly terrifying… but all good things come when you step outside your comfort zone, right?!

Over the next few months, we will sign the papers and then get moving forward with our third SIU build-out. This is what took the most to convince Marcus, I needed my own building. I’m technically still paying for my second buildout in our current space (insert sad face emoji here). But after reading so many self-improvement books – “go big or go home,” my motto – what’s the worst that could happen, I have to go home? I love being at home!

Best VP ever!

Anyway, Marcus holds the title of VP, but for the record it’s an unpaid position with an overly high-demanding boss who will cry when she’s frustrated, overwhelmed, happy or sad. However, she will provide incredible (get your mind out of the gutter) excitement when things go her way! Thank God the guy is so patient, helpful, handy and finally “into” fitness that he can stand behind my dreams! He’s already began measuring and helping me lay out the space while listening in at lots of meeting. We’ve met with Scherburn Construction to generate a build-out plan. I’ve been going wild pinning on Pinterest and visualizing the coolest new boutique fitness studio in Carver County! Our goal will remain the same: to specialize in group fitness and personal wellness while providing a community of empowerment, motivation and high vibes. We will continue to offer virtual and local fitness challenges, unique classes like Gangsta Booty and more – while joining forces with local business for collaborations, workshops and events. Find out more about Shape It Up Baby here!

When I told you 2020 was going to be my year, I didn’t lie! Now if you can continue to like, comment, share, sign up and JOIN SIU that would be greatly appreciated! Let’s keep the dreams alive! Follow along on Social Media to watch the studio come together!

A huge thanks to my friends Stephanie and Jedd Braunwarth for making this all possible! So much love for the Braunwarth fam!

Team work!

And a heads up to my family- Get ready for a fun next few months! Baby & a build out!! Volunteers needed?!

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