In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to share a few things I’m LOVING right now!

I’ll start with the grossest thing first: My current preggo craving is Mocha Monkey Coffee Smoothies. They are filled with sugar, some dairy milk powder mix and deliciousness. I don’t recommend you start drinking them. I order mine with Almond Milk and no flavor because they are already super sugary and I don’t love dairy – besides cheese – so I skip the whipped cream. These swaps are personal preference and in no way make these smoothies a healthy choice. With only a few weeks left to LIVE IT UP in the pregnant life, I thought I should splurge on a few of my last favorite “junkie” treats. After babe arrives, back to clean eating, limited sugar and wine as my treat (these thoughts have me pretty jacked up)!

Pedal to the medal!

Riding the Assault bikes at Shape It Up. As you might expect, I’ve been trying to have a #fitpregnancy. For the most part, it’s been on point – except for the occasional deep-dish pizza slice, nachos or slice of dessert. I’ve been participating in the SIU Spring Break challenge, trying to conquer 30 minutes of fitness per day and I’m teaching group fitness four days per week. On my off days from teaching, I hop my ass on the Assault bike and pedal to the metal! I bust out 5 miles in an attempt to keep myself as healthy as possible! Nothing feels better than breaking a sweat!

Third, I am obsessed with reading! I swapped my evening scroll session for books, and it’s mind-blowing how much better this is for my mental health!. I’m currently reading “The Illusion of Money,” by Kyle Cease, in which he talks about why chasing money is stopping you from receiving it. Through the book, I’m learning to increase my value, I’m focusing on doing more things that align with my soul purpose and I am taking a hard look at where I spend money. I am so into it.

I want to tell you something, (listen up, Mom Bosses): whenever I put together an event, challenge or purchasable item for Shape It Up that aligns with my life/soul purpose, I’m naturally over-the-top excited about it and it always sells out. It aligns, it fits, it’s effortless, it’s a perfect match and my energy around it naturally makes it a desirable thing people flock to. When this happens it’s a magical feeling; I call it winning! If I put together an event that doesn’t align with my purpose (maybe it was something other people wanted or a collaboration I wasn’t passionate about), we typically struggle with participation and it feels “hard.” The energy around it is off. Think about your life for a moment; I bet you can all relate. This also happens with my blog: when I have a topic I’m uber-pumped about, it naturally flows. When I try to write about a suggested topic that doesn’t align, I struggle to find the words.

I’ve had this figured out for a while, but never understood why or how. This book is shedding light on so many headspace issues I have around money and blocks. If you are wondering why you might be feeling stuck with money or life, read this book! If you have issues with your self-worth or value, read this book. If you are trying to figure out your soul purpose, read this book. If you are bored, read this book!

Next up, Girl time! Lately I have been craving time with my girlfriends. You all know I love my time with Marcus and Ruby because we have lots of fun together. I love being at the studio and mingling with the SIU crew, and then I really enjoy time alone … working, creating, resting, meditating and reading but recently I can’t stop wanting to chill with my girl gang! The energy I get from my high-vibing friends is unbelievable. They push me to LIVE IT UP and be better every single day! I am looking forward to all the fun ahead, like wine and walks outside with or without kids. P.S. I’m manifesting a girls’ trip this fall or winter and I know it’s going to happen! #byekids

Labor Ready.

Lastly, old-school rap music! I can’t stop blasting Nelly, Lil Jon, David Banner, Trick Daddy, Big Tymers, Lil Wayne and OMG, The Wobble! My playlists at SIU have been filled with my inner gangsta and Ruby keeps saying, “I dance,” in honor of our daily dance parties! P.S. I hope my midwives like these beats! I’m envisioning a tub birth straight out of a Big Tymers music video Pop’n Bubbly n’ shit! Marcus is terrified! Should I video it? #daddyyoumakemefeellikeastar (Watch the video!)

In honor of hearts and Hallmark, I hope you are taking time to think about what you love today and – as always – spend time loving you! Valentine’s Day is much better when you focus on gratitude and internal love! When you let your heart shine for you first, then it can pour love to others! Love me & love ya!

The baby probably wants Heart Shaped Pizza! #giantboob

P.S. I asked Marcus, “What do you want to do for Valentine’s Day?. He said, “I want a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s!” I’m dying, how trendy. Any plans today?

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