Success with a newborn comes in small victories conquered by the hour. Week 1 seemed like an eternity. But ended with a “Wow, that went so fast!” For me, the seven-day stretch came with blood, sweat and tears, ups and downs, and mild exhaustion. I am so happy to have a supportive partner to tackle this journey with. I probably owe him a few more thank you’s but for now I have raging hormones to blame. Countless conversations were had about how fucking weird my uterus, crotch and butt felt, those conversations led to giggles and the best memories.

Heading into week 2, I was feeling pretty good until the world started going wild and I had to close Shape It Up (tears). I’m not much of a news, politics, stock market follower. It’s sad to admit most of the time I have no idea what’s happening outside my small bubble of reality. I think this is how I stay so happy and positive. Well, over the past two weeks it’s been hard to avoid the information. Thanks to Marcus and a few friends who educate me about world matters, I’ve become almost obsessed with COVID-19. What’s going on in my head is probably similar to how others are feeling, I am confused, sad, angry, feeling lost and lonely (even though I’m home with my squad, surrounded by love). Everyone seems uneasy about the unknown. It’s a weird feeling; hard to put into words, right?

LOL, the pink blanket!

To conquer the crazy times, I’ve made a few daily practices part of my routine, including practicing gratitude when I wake up and before bed. As I feed Rickie 24/7, I take the time to mentally note how THANKFUL I am for a house, food, healthy kids, a healthy family and so much more. I ask Marcus to set 1 goal to achieve over the day and I tell him mine (I usually have more than ). And then I focus on all the good that is coming from the situation; here are a few positives:

Didn’t know my lap or heart was this big!

1. Marcus is on a travel band for work, so no overnights! And because restaurants, golf courses, coffee shops and any other place he’d visit are closed, he’s been home A LOT more than expected. This is a big help and I’m extremely grateful.

2. Having to close SIU has given me a lot of added stress and anxiety. I feel helpless and sad to let down my community. But at this time, it’s out of my control. However, EVERY single person who’s reached out from SIU has been supportive, encouraging and adaptable to participating in our Virtual Sweat With Megan program. Plus, we have a rocking private accountability group going! The community is rallying together, snapping photos, sending messages of encouragement and supporting each other (and me!) I am grateful! In no time, we are coming back more badass than ever!

3. Having a newborn in the heat of the world’s craziest time ever has given me something so precious to focus on – family time! These moments together are priceless! We are creating history; this is the shit future generations will read about. We will get to talk about this time as we age, sharing stories and conversations. “Remember when…. “all the bars, restaurants, businesses shut down?” “How we scrambled to find diapers, wipes, toilet paper?” “How we stocked up on countless cases of Surly, just in case?”

The walks have started!

There are so many positive things that make this sad situation seem slightly better. My words to you are these: Try to keep a glass full mentality over the next few weeks and practice gratitude daily. Snuggle your loved ones a little tighter, make a phone call to someone you haven’t talked to, spring clean, organize, send a positive text message to a friend to brighten their day, Shape It Up and – when all else fails, crack the tune, pour a margarita and LIVE IT UP…at , home with clean hands!

Movies and more movies!

Also I’m doing some journaling around this time. A fun activity might be to write a letter for a time capsule about this time! Have your kiddos participate, too; don’t read them to each other, collect them and put them away. Set a timer and read them in a year.

I’m hopeful you will look back this time and think, “Wow, that was wild but we pulled through and look at the memories.”

Stay healthy my friends and followers.

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