Let’s chat a little bit about Shape It Up Fitness (SIU), my first-born baby.  It’s a place of empowerment, motivation and high vibes.  Like a college sorority without the drama, women come to SIU to escape life, fill their buckets, increase positive energy and leave with confidence and a drenched sports bra.  I created SIU by accident.  I had no idea what I was doing and still don’t. About 10 years ago, I was just working out, smiling, living it up at the gym and out of nowhere someone talked me into becoming a personal trainer. His name was Chad, he was part owner of the franchise gym I was running and also a big wig at Snap Fitness Corporate Head Quarter. He convinced me to come train there and work my magic.  He was intrigued how the members at “my gym” were so into me.  I didn’t really notice, as I was just being friendly and helping them actually sweat while shooting the shit about their life.  But this guy took notice and bumped me up. 

So I got certified in personal training; there really wasn’t much to it.  “This is a bicep and a bicep curl works the bicep,”- well DUH!!   I passed the test and collected my first batch of clients.  I will never forget these women because they gave me a start.  They trusted me and I built my wings as I went.  I became their friend and constant motivator, I encouraged them to ditch sugar and move their body more, like on the weekend, in the morning, every day, no questions asked.  They started to follow my advice and, before long, they were talking about their pants fitting, they could move easier and they were happy almost all the time.  WOW, I thought, this is easy. People are paying me to tell them what I thought everyone knew!  Turns out most people don’t know this stuff.  People want someone to hold them accountable. (I just kept thinking- “Hell yeah, I’ll be your person.  I’ll tell you how fucking awesome you are.  I’ll make you believe in you!  And, while we are building you up, I’ll also have you earn yourself a hot ass and some muscles!”)

I was loving it!  In my free time, I was the beer cart girl at a golf course in Waconia, MN.  I worked there for 10 years and it was the second best ever.  The knowledge I learned from rich dudes was seriously priceless.  Their deep pockets and generous tips on the course allowed me to really push ahead with my “fitness studio dreams.”  

So as I was slinging beers in my free time and pimping out my fitness knowledge 24/7- things started to grow. I picked up more clients and my name was spreading. People started calling me the “fitness girl”. Before long I had a following and we were working out anywhere and everywhere I could find- a tiny corner space in a rundown Snap Fitness, parking lots, parks and even in hallways at the local school.  Finally, I had a decent following and womaned-up! I found an old family friend who worked on handshakes and hugs- he agreed to rent me a small commercial space with low ceilings, stained carpet and a shared bathroom with a Chocolate Factory (lol).  I was scared shitless; he told me “I better pay my rent.” Yikes! I thought. I better pick up more beer carting shifts- SHOW me the money-guys…..just in case people didn’t actually want to “Shape It Up” with me.

Quickly I turned this little space into a functional workout studio- nothing fancy. Just some rubber floor, big mirrors and a stereo system.  Soon my followers started sharing their love of SIU with their friends.  More women came to sweat, smile and live it up with me!

About one year later, I took my final ride on that beer cart, kissed the cash life goodbye and trusted in the Universe to show me the way in the world of fitness!  Fast forward four years and we’ve moved to a bigger space with more room to Shape It Up.  The dream continues and now as a business owner making her own decisions, schedule and money, I go back to the golf course to golf with my buddies!

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