Awww, lake life- the 12 best weeks of the year!  In high school- on a shitty ass boat with no seats besides lawn chairs and a pair of old wooden water skies with a few drunk friends-I fell in love with life on the lake.  It was a deep love that continues to live on today.  I’m from Minnesota and the best thing we’ve got are LAKES!  Lake life is all about living it up on the water while the temps are above freezing.  It’s a short season and I soak up every minute of it.  The evolution of my love for the lake has changed over the years but as I get older, wiser and hotter, I’ve figured out the perfect things needed for a good time on the water- besides a stocked cooler!

First up, SUNSCREEN! Back on that old party vessel, I was lathering up in coconut scented tanning oil, just getting fried to a crisp…. creating tanlines and now- WRINKLES.  For the past few years, I wised up and cake myself in SPF every single time I hit the boat!  My favorite is Beauty Counter’s Countersun Mineral Sunscreen, SPF 30.  Buy it here!!  Don’t worry, you will still get totally bronzed!

Because I’m always DTE (down to eat)- I pack all the snacks!  Nuts are my easy go- to favorite.  High in fat, low in carbs and delicious with any beverage!  I love raw cashews and pistachios. Other boat snacks can be found in my post- Boat Food! Pro tip: Always eat & drink.  This prevents hangovers, Pro tip 2: Do both in moderation when your choices aren’t healthy af!

Can koozies are a must always, as warm beer sucks!  Most of the time on the lake, I prefer Vodka club sodas in a nice tumbler with lots of ice!  But when a beer or sparkling water is in hand, it must be in a KOOZIE!!  Buy a koozie or tumbler at SIU!  We can mail you one!

When it’s not party time, I love to read self-improvement books.  I have an obsession with working on myself to be the best Megan I can be.  The latest and greatest self-help book is never far from my reach.  This style of book is usually an easy read and you can pick up reading it, anywhere, even when distracted by a baby or guests on the boat.  Sometimes I just need a bottle of water, some R&R and “me time” while chilling in the sun.  Here’s a list of my favorite self-improvement books. 

Music is a pontoon must- I’m always connecting my Bluetooth and bumping some tunes.  I have plenty of playlists on Spotify,  you can follow here!  There is nothing I love more than a dance party on the lake!  If you catch my IG story, you will see these every so often!  #toomuchvodka  Have you ever tried to Zumba on a boat?!

Yahtzee or some gambling money!  Marcus and I have played more than 1,000 games of Yahtzee on the lake and probably 100,000 games in our dating life!  We are addicted.  We beat, we gamble, we laugh and we seriously get excited every time.  Dice are an easy pack for the boat and super fun.  When friends come out, we play 6, 5, 4 for money!  Is it legal to gamble on the water?

An extra pair of shades!  There are lake shades and then there are extra lake shades.  I wonder how many shades are at the bottom of a lake?  I always throw an extra pair of shades in my bag, just in case!  You can imagine all the ways you could lose your shades on a 12 hour boat day!  You won’t catch me without sunglasses ever! 

A sober driver!  Pro tip, I was once on a boat and a guy got a DWI it’s actually called a BWI (boating while intoxicated)- we were stranded until someone else could rescue us.  Be smart and be safe. Period.

These are just a few of my favorite things in my lake bag!  If you haven’t experienced a lake day on a Minnesota lake, add it to your bucket list!  I can’t wait to Live It Up on the lake all summer!

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