It’s no secret that I love psychic readings. I am obsessed. It’s so intriguing to me that a total stranger can pinpoint exact details of your life, predict the future and just tell you things about your life that you may or may not know. I’ve done 4 full-on psychic readings and I’ve had my Aura read several times while attending a few psychic nights/mini readings. I am no expert in the world of psychics, but I do know a few things and I’d love to share why I’m so into this type of energy work, healing or – as I see it – life counseling.

Dreaming of Wine- but not currently drinking it!

First, someone telling you things about your life in a positive light is therapeutic and enlightening. Most of the time, a random psychic knows nothing about you. My experiences have gone like this: book a reading, show up to meet a random person, and within several minutes they start rambling off lots of information. The information they get comes through as messages, pictures, words, symbols and probably a bunch of other ways I’m not familiar with. This information is specific for me, it might be spot-on that day, while other messages might be for the future and some won’t make any sense at all – that day or ever. What I’ve gathered from my readings is that these messages are from your higher self, angels and guides and they’re usually “sent” in your best interest. When I look at the information provided with a positive point of view, it helps me grow, make decisions and get my ass in gear!

My latest reading was this past Monday, August 19 with Allie Mauer. Allie is an international psychic medium and healer. She specializes in animal communication, spiritual teaching and intuitive life coaching. She told me she has had her gifts since she was a small child, and could predict to her friends the exact cartoons that would be on later that afternoon. She thought everyone had this ability. Turns out, she was unique and found a teacher to help her grow. Check out her website to learn more! Allie and I are teaming up to host a second Psychic Night at Shape It Up and a Moon Phase Workshop later this fall!

I’ve had 2 readings from Allie this past year and each time I’ve left her house super jacked up! Before you arrive for your session (or phone conversation) she meditates on your name! She downloads (from her meditation, not from anything online about you) TONS of information, like a whole page full. You begin the reading with her sharing all this information with you. Bring a notebook because Allie talks fast! Take notes because there is NO WAY you will remember everything. My notebook filled up with 5 pages of information! I went to my recent reading with a few intentions:

1. I wanted to see if she knew I was pregnant. Check, she totally knew. She pulled a Mother card, a Father card, two children cards, plus got lots of information about feeling overwhelmed, things feeling uncomfortable and a “time for rest.” She said I was going to be more sensitive right now. Yep, I’ve cried a few times in the last month, that’s for sure. There was a lot of other information about home/career balance, new rituals to create and having a sacred space to hang out in while pregnant.

2. I wanted to see if she could pick up the genders of the babies and guide me that this will be a healthy pregnancy. Check here, too. She pulled a masculine and feminine card, she thought this was for me to balance my energies but after asking what the genders might be, she double- checked I wanted to know, I said YES twice and she said she believed these cards were for the babies. She predicts a boy and girl! As far as my question about healthy pregnancy ,she said yes, but I might experience just a little hiccup toward the end. Maybe 2 weeks bed rest or the pregnancy diabetes (that’s what I call gestational diabetes!), she wasn’t exactly sure. Nothing major! Sound good to me!

3. I wanted to know about our house. We love our location but have outgrown our bedrooms. Check here. She saw us renting and creating our own house. She saw Marcus having connections to construction and that I play a role in designing my perfect layout. God, I hope this means we rebuild where we are located now! Dreaming!!!! And manifesting!!

4. I wanted direction for my career after the babies arrive. This information was fun to hear. She said, “I am seeing writing, speaking, Instagram from your house. Communication blowing up!” Direct quote! Say what?! She didn’t have any clue I started a blog and she’s not active on IG! She also sees retreats coming (something I’ve been planning since before getting pregnant with Ruby!) She also ended our reading by telling me there is more money coming, the analogy of a flower growing through dirt, the word blooming and trading energy! And to keep focused on what people are going to love! Great information that really got my creative juices spiked!

This was just the start of information that came up during my one-hour session with Allie. Time flies by during a session; you honestly would be surprised how quickly 60 minutes goes. Talking with Allie is just like having a conversation with a friend that knows everything about you and your future. She delivers the messages in a positive, encouraging way and allows you to ask any questions! She also teaches you plenty of information if you are confused about what things mean or information coming in. Both sessions have given me more enthusiasm for continuing to Living It Up while providing me plenty of things to work on! Coming soon, All My Flaws!

P.S. She must have told me 7 times in the reading to drink more water!! You should too!

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