I love healthy food. I usually eat intuitively; listening to my body and just gravitating toward food that’s filled with nutrients. Nutritious foods make me feel “like the bomb!” They say you are what you eat, which explains why my midsection is quickly turning into a bread loaf. You get knocked up and all of a sudden, every single thing you usually would eat sounds like total barf. Then you don’t eat because nothing else sounds great and you really feel like barf. Your body is growing a human or, in my case, two and all you can stomach is saltine crackers. Wow, these children must be developing well. I’ve been eating like shit for 4 weeks; I can count the salads, green smoothies and vegetables on one hand. It’s depressing and really stressful when you wish you could eat all your favorite foods. Want to know what an actual day looks like for me now? For instance, today, I woke up at 5:30 a.m. slammed a bowl of Organic Peanut Butter Puffs, then came home and sliced myself 2 pieces of cinnamon swirl bread. I moved on to 2 fresh baked oatmeal raisin cookies while I dropped Ruby off at my aunt’s house, then forced myself to get a salad bar lunch at Mackenthun’s because I was counting my monthly vegetable intake during my massage and felt like the babies needed some “real food.” I grabbed another cookie when I scooped up Ruby, followed by a baked potato with butter and some chocolate hummus for dinner (I was feeling really nauseous at dinner time). Wow check outall those nutrients! I remember this terrible phase during Ruby’s pregnancy, I remember the smell of coffee made me cry and I’m usually a Mocha Monkey addict. So far, coffee hasn’t made me cry but I definitely don’t want it. As I sit and patiently wait for my healthy appetite to kick back in, I’ve put together a food bucket list to conquer and cope the next 8 months. Eating, it’s the number one activity for LIVING IT UP pregnant!

Here’s what’s on the List:

1. Fondue Night

2. Homemade Pizza

3. Caramel Roll

4. Cinnamon Roll- I’ve already had 4 (Thanks, Cortney!)

5. Christmas Cookie Extravaganza

6. State Fair Food Tour

7. New Date Day spots weekly (Soak up family of 3 life)

8. Homemade Chinese Night

9. Thai Night

10. Queso Cheese on my cheese

11. Cheese Platter/s

12. Apple Fritter Donut (this was on Ruby’s food bucket list and I never got to it)

13. Appetizers on Sunday for football games

14. Thanksgiving Dinner Bonus (Make a 2nd feast the day or two after)

15. Vegetable Pizza

16. Something Killer for NYE

What foods did you love while pregnant? What is my list missing?

After these babes are born, I will definitely head back to clean eating, hardcore fitness and earning my best body after baby round 2. But until then I’m going to chill and enjoy this ride with 2 babies on board.

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