Reading now means children’s books 24/7, but when I get my chance to pick up a book for me, it’s definitely something from the self-improvement section!  These books are my go-to reads.  I love the way they make me feel.  Remember I am a “feelings” person who is chasing the feeling of feeling good.  Every time I pick up a book that talks about how to improve the quality of your life, I feel inspired.  Even a page or two before I fall asleep can set the tone for a positive night’s sleep.  Since having Ruby, I don’t read as much as I’d like, but I think I should start reading regularly again.  Reading books about encouragement or inspiration is an amazing way to Live It Up, you never know which book might change your life!!!   Let me know your favorite self- help books in the comments!!!  Inspire me to get back to it!

My Tops Favorites;

*You Can Heal Your Life, by: Louise Hay. This book was the game- changer for me, and it took my positive vibe to the next level

* You are a Badass, by: Jen Sincero.  If you want to be more badass, read this NOW!

*You are a Badass at Making Money, by: Jen Sincero. When I think about growing a business and leveling up in the money department, this book gives me some powerful help!

*Infinite Possibilities, by: Mike Dooley. I can’t remember all the details of this book but I read it while taking a self-improvement course based on the book, lead by Deb Frischmon and- OMG- my life got so good after learning all the tools to live my best life.  I’ll talk about Deb Frischmon in another blog, but she has helped mold my positive vibe practice into what it is today!

*The Go-Give, by: Bob Burg and John David Mann.  A great friend and client gave me this book; it was the best compliment I could ever get!  The message in this book will change you.  It also makes a great gift for the other Go-Givers in your life!

*Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and It’s All Small Stuff, by: Richard Carlson.  This was my first ever self-improvement book, I think my mom gave it to me.  Remember I wasn’t always so positive and happy!

*The World According to Mister Rogers, by: Fred Rogers.  This book was a gift.  It’s short, sweet and perfect.

*The Secret, by: Rhonda Byrne- This book is the magic behind your thoughts becoming things.  It literally has given me the ability to name what I’ve been doing forever, but also the power to do more.  We just read this book as a virtual book study; it was amazing!  Watch my social media pages to learn about our next book study!  

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