I’m going to share with you some true confessions – stories about people I’ve helped during the past 10 years in the fitness industry. I want you to know I love all of my clients so much and each holds a special place in my heart because they have all taught me something along the way! These stories are 100% real and the beauty in them is that everyone has gained something from working on themselves!!! I hope these clients feel proud when they read about their changes through my perspective. For those reading along, I hope you can relate and then find it in you to make positive changes to your life!!!

I had a client who told me she ate M&Ms for a meal. I almost shit my pants when I heard this. M&Ms are candy and candy isn’t a meal. She then told me she wanted to be fit, not fluffy. I giggled, as she was far from fluffy but definitely needed some work. She was drinking Diet Pepsi, never sleeping, never exercising and she seemed pretty stressed. When she agreed to visit me at Shape It Up Fitness for a first date, I was giddy with excitement. I knew this lady was going to make big changes in her life!!

She was the cutest thing ever in her brand-new Nike shoes and matchy-matchy Athleta outfit as she walked into SIU for our first session. I could tell she was nervous, and told me it had been 30 years since she worked out. “Holy cow, how old are you” I asked. “You look so young.” She proudly told me, “Old enough to be your mother!” I like my mom a lot and decided that day I am going to treat this client like my mom. I am going to be patient, kind, a real friend. We weren’t going to beat around the bush, so I gave it to her straight. We decided she should stop the pop addiction, ditch the candy and start fueling her body with real foods, including lots of vegetables and protein. I can’t remember exactly what her dinners consisted of, but I remember her husband liking meat and potatoes! Sweet potatoes are great, eat ‘em up!!! After a few sessions, she began to reward herself and ramped up her self-care. She started acupuncture and, by my request, booked a visit with my famous “Poop Doctor” (more to come about her!)

Fast-forward four, almost five years and this Rockstar is going strong. She now does regular group fitness classes at SIU, continues to eat clean, focuses on keeping her stress lower with self-care and, when she has an off weekend, she books a check-in appointment with me to discuss goals, progress and life. Over time, we’ve become great friends.

The point behind this story is even if you haven’t worked out in 30 years and you consider M&M’s a meal, there is always an opportunityto improve yourself.

Here are easy ways to Shape Up your ass, attitude and life today!

1. Invest in a Fitbit, Apple Watch or pedometer and move your ass! Start with a small goal, maybe 5,000 steps per day, and build up from there! This is a simple and addictive way to begin burning extra calories! Move every day! It’s simple and free.

2. Drink more water! Ditch the pop, skip the sugary coffee drinks, forget the second glass of wine and hydrate with H20 instead. “Church it up” with some sliced fruit, mint leaves, cucumbers, Young Living Essential Oils, and drink it from a fancy mug with a straw (or a wineglass)!

3. Read some positive shit! A great way to lift your mood is to Google positive quotes! Or search the hashtag #positivequotes You can also follow me and watch my IG story! Focus on the positive to get more positives!

4. Read a self-improvement book. Here’s a list of my favorites

5. Self-care – treat yourself to something that makes you feel really good.

6. Try a free week of fitness at Shape It Up or book some personal training sessions! Together, we will get you feeling your best!

7. Call a friend for coffee! If you don’t have a friend, hire me! I’ll get coffee with you and tell you how fucking great you are! Really, I will! Dream job!

8. Give someone a hug! A hug has endless benefits! I’m a hugger andI’ll hug you, for free!

9. If you are lonely, find a friend, try dating online, take a risk and ask someone to hang out or go to a bar alone and, after two glasses of wine, shine! People are all scared to make new friends, but trust me, everyone wants a new friend!

10. Invest in yourself! No matter the cost, you are worth it!

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