Last week I announced our shocking “OMG News.” Within minutes of going “public,” I felt so relieved to get the weight off my shoulders. Keeping a huge secret is hard. When you have “all the feels” –meaning excited, scared, happy, sad, freaked out, pumped up and so on – it’s hard to keep it all together. Not that I am perfect or have my shit together but seriously! I wanted to barf half the time because of morning sickness but I also felt queasy from keeping my mouth shut. Marcus calls me the “public posting problem.” He’s so private, and probably wouldn’t have told a soul until you saw us at Ground Round with 2 baby carriers and a wild almost 2-year-old. Wait, did I just say that out loud? Yes, I did. We are going to have 3 children under the age of 2. Those are the most fucked up bragging rights ever! I know how difficult having one child is, especially the first year. My life was nuts with a new single baby. Do you watch people in public with children? I do: one looks easy, two looks manageable, three looks chaotic and four-plus, who are you people? Call me and tell me everything, including how you are still semi sane!

“Two babies” – we repeat it often enough that it’s finally starting to sink in. I’m nauseous AF almost 24/7, the food I can stomach is still very limited. I’m actually eating the worst diet ever and it’s making me sad. However, I’m back to posting regularly on my social media and I haven’t missed a day of 10,000 steps yet. So far, I’m winning.

People didn’t lie when they said you will show way quicker with baby number two. Who knew that 10 weeks ago I had abs? Everyone keeps saying “Summer is going so fast,” and I’m over here saying “Wake me up when September ends!” As I keep dragging myself through each 24 hour period, I just keep focusing on the prize: wine in March, oh yeah and two babies! That thought keeps me going. Have you ever run a marathon? Well, I did once. That one experience was enough to last a lifetime. It was terrible. The training was intense; I’d run for like 3 hours on a Saturday week after week “for fun.” Marathon training reminds me of pregnancy. It’s long, it’s painful andit’s annoying, but there is a huge payoff at the end. It’s the runner high and then free calorie cocktails all day to celebrate. I have about 29 weeks left in my “second marathon” – this pregnancy (give or take a few) – and my mind just is steadfast focused on the finish line. Then bring me another IPA while I breastfeed around-the-clock!!!! Our fridge will be stocked and we will need help. Every blog I read says we will need help … and a lot of it.

Remember when March meant Spring Break time? Yeah, bye! March now means go-time! Welcome to the wild ride! Are we there yet?! What am I going to do to survive this pregnancy? Besides daydream of how chaotic life is about to become, I am definitely going to soak up all the information I can from other twin moms. I’ve been intensely stalking them on social media, reading their advice, tracking down local moms for their pro tips and pregnancy stories. Ruby and I are always getting our hustle on by stepping it out, and I’m continuing to teach group fitness 4, maybe 5 days, per week. I plan to work on my pregnant golf game with some rounds this fall while we still have freedom. I’m also journaling, reading and making a list of things I need to work on – including asking and accepting help, delegating responsibilities, learning how to do low-impact exercises, lowering my life expectations and figuring out a way to keep me happy AF. Self care kept me in tip-top shape during my pregnancy with Ruby so I plan to keep this a top priority! More details coming soon on my pregnancy self-care routine! Oh yeah, and I am also taking a 9-month Awaken and Rise online course through Deb Frischmon and Becca Grabinski. They are teaching me how to open my heart and get all the things I desire! This should help with my

changing life!! I’ve also created a food bucket list; I mean I’m eating for 3. Pregnant and Living It Up, seems like an odd combination but I’ll do my best! Thanks for following along as I keep it real … and hopefully real fun.


  1. Megan, I am so excited to find your blog! I have it bookmarked now. I am so excited for you guys and your growing family! You will do great! My sister-in-law has twins (almost 10 now) and she had the same reaction when she found out (she had one 3 year old at the time). I think it natural to be scared. I think you know that I am a triplet. So I have seen alot of multiples in my life. You guys will rock this. ASK FOR HELP! So happy for guys!

    1. Thank you Kris!!! I probably knew you were a triplet but totally forgot! OMG!! That’s awesome!! Thank you for the kind comments and bookmarking the blog!!!

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