Self care seems like the buzz word of 2019- but it’s true, self care is life!  I am so into self care it’s not even funny.  If self care was a full-time job, I’d want it.  Oh wait, I try to make self care my job!!  My job is teaching fitness, lifting people up through workouts, recording fitness videos and now writing blog posts to help others live it up.  All these things jack me up and make me feel good.  I think this is the definition of self care, doing something for yourself that makes you feel fucking good.  It can be anything.  Seriously, anything that makes you happier.  Happiness is always the goal, right?

Every day I self care like a boss, and when I don’t everyone suffers, including my family, friends and clients.  Selfcare isn’t selfish, it rejuvenates you, it keeps your mood up and energy high!  Self care is necessary and there are plenty of self care opportunities that cost nothing!!  Let’s talk about my self care routine; I indulge in plenty of free self care daily. 

I begin my day by waking up early to have an hour of alone time.  Alone time is one of my favorite daily form of self care.  I pour up a hot cup of coffee, mix in my Vital Protein, nourish my body with fuel while tuning into myself, in silence, while the sun is rising.    I get my energy flowing by asking myself how I am doing and what I need for the day to truly live it up.  I give myself some love and I start grooving.  Next I move, I put my Fitbit on and the motivation to collect steps begins.  Setting a goal to hit 10,000 steps is a form of self care.  I want my body to get some benefits and endorphins so fitness tops my self care list.  Plus, it’s free!  It costs nothing to move!  Throughout the day I eat food; good food is my third daily form of self care.  Your body is designed to eat and it wants good stuff!  So, fill up all day on nutritious foods.  This means foods that pack nutrients, no sugar, no garbage!  Focus on fruits, vegetables, protein, healthy fats, good quality grains and water to keep your energy buzzing.  Fourth, is rest; sometimes my body just wants some TLC.  Sleep is another free form of self care and it needs to happen consistently and daily!  On days I just can’t keep my eyes open, I take a power nap or cancel plans and spend a few hours napping also going to bed early can be just what your body needs! Fifth is hugs and love – sending love into the world and passing out free hugs is a pretty easy, effortless and fun way to boost your mood.  Giving a hug or receiving one is free self care!

 Other things I do weekly that are cheap forms of self care include: power walks with friends, running alone in nature, meeting a friend for a park date, coffee date or play date, spending time on the water, enjoying a glass of wine on the deck, reading, listening to a podcast, scrolling Pinterest or journaling!  These forms of self care lift my mood and keep me happy AF.

When I want to spend some money, I love to buy self care!  Spending money on groceries and self care is easy for me.   I love to eat and I love to feel my best.  Massages, acupuncture, chiropractor visits, manicures, pedicures, facials and new fitness clothes -hell yeah!  Oh, and did I mention I believe going out to eat and happy hour are also self care.  Happy hour might be my top fav!  The message here is I am a self care junkie; it keeps me the boss of my life.  From free self care to the most expensive kinds, treat yourself daily!  It’s not selfish to feel your best and trust me- self care will help you LIVE IT UP!!!

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