Have you ever heard someone complain about their Birthday?  Nothing drives me crazier than people who don’t respect another trip around the sun.  The people who complain about their birthday and their age have issues.  I don’t know what kind of issues to classify these as, but, if you are one of these people- read on! 

Let me tell you about my Birthday passion!!  I absolutely love my Birthday and it has nothing to do with gifts or cake.  Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy the extra love on my Birthday, the Facebook messages, the phone calls, the text messages, people wishing me a Happy Birthday in person.  I love to tell people it’s my Birthday and seriously it’s a hobby to see how much cool stuff I get, do and see in one day!  I wake up on July 20th with more pep in my step, a smile bigger than usual on my face and the most upbeat attitude ever.  My Birthday makes me feel fucking fantastic.  That first text message, usually from my Mom or Dad, just sends me straight to happy land.  All those amazing feels……I sure do treasure that.  I have things ready to go including Birthday playlists, Birthday outfits and special Birthday plans- I start planning my Birthday almost as fast as my Birthday month ends.  I take great pride in my day and here is why-

I appreciate my Birthday so much because I just got another 365 days of life to LIVE IT UP!!!  Aging is the ultimate gift in my option.  If you are lucky enough to get another birthday, you are lucky enough.  Nobody wants their body or face to age, or their youth to slip away, but everybody wants to continue to live, right?  So why not embrace your age and your aging beauty with love for your Birthday?  Stop complaining about how things get harder, saggy, wrinkled, less perfect and so on, and start appreciating all the amazingness that is happening.  You are getting more experiences, more memories, more laughs and more time on Earth.  Aging is the best Birthday Gift Ever!

In my opinion, if you change your thoughts around your Birthday and start to have respect for aging, aging won’t be hard at all.  You might think, “wow, you 33-year-old, you just you wait.”  Well, that comment annoys me, too.  I love talking to people and asking them overly personal questions including how old are you.  My finding is that people who appreciate aging and embrace it are the ones who are truly Living It Up.  They celebrate their Birthdays, they proudly state their age, and they rarely talk about growing old as something to dread.  And if you want to age in a more youthful way, then I encourage you to start Shaping It Up (your ass, your attitude and your life, more to come on this soon)  On your next Birthday, take a moment to not only Live It Up but to be grateful AF for another trip around the sun!

 P.S. Don’t forget, my Birthday is July 20th! Send me some love!

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