First, I want to be straight up with you.  I am not that into protein-powered or meal replacement shakes.  I’ve tried them, and they aren’t for me.  However, I do love protein and I know it’s importance.  Protein is key for a healthy diet and it’s essential to maintain a healthy body.  As a Fitness Studio owner, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Expert, you might be surprised to know I don’t carry around blender bottles, pre- or post- workout mixtures, or sell some branded shake to enhance your results in a speedy way.  Girl, be careful- there isn’t a quick fix or magic pill for weight loss.  Maybe you’ve fallen in the trap of shakes, pills or fad diets; comment if you have!  I love those stories.  Believe me, I know it seems cool when someone says “I lost 30 pounds in 30 days,” who wouldn’t want that?  What happened to that person after she (or he) ended the 30 days, 6 month or year plan?  Not only did she spend a lot of money, but I’m sure she isn’t still bragging about her results.  The biggest reason I am not a protein shake person is because it’s not sustainable forever; I’m talking lifestyle here not temporary fix.  Eventually you will want food, real food.  I am a real food lover!!  If you want to know more about my history with food and how I became an intuitive eater, read on here. 

Eating real food for me is key.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks, that’s me!  Eat, eat, eat all the good foods packed with nutrients.  I follow an 80/20 life style daily, 90% of the time.  About 5 years ago, a nutritionist friend of mine introduced me to Vital Proteins- Collagen Peptides.  She said the shit was legit and you just mix it in with your coffee for 10 grams of protein.  If you want another cup of coffee, just add another scoop to get a total of 20 grams.  Mind blown: I was in shock- say what!  That’s like eating a chicken breast, but I am drinking coffee which is one of my favorite things. Yep, in your coffee.  Chicken breast coffee but way better.  Collagen Peptides are tasteless, odorless and are one ingredient. (Read the labels on your protein powders, holy ingredients, right?!)

Well friends, I didn’t turn back.  I bought this stuff, stocked my fitness studio and continue to tell every single person I can about this easy AF way to get protein into their diets.  It’s so simple, it’s so easy and it’s the best protein I’ve ever found.  Plus, it’s not some multilevel sales thing.  It’s available at Wholefoods and plenty of other stores as well as online.  You can add it to smoothies (see my Go-To Smoothie Recipe here), you can bake with it and so much more.  It literally tastes like NOTHING and it works.  It keeps your skin tight because it’s collagen, which is the same thing people shoot their face up with to keep it firm!  It helps my nails and hair grow long and strong.  And it’s effortless.  I literally run around with my coffee cup in hand sipping protein like a boss!  Hell Yeah- buy it here!  Want to know more? Ask away!

P.S. I consulted my Dr. and continued to take my vitals through my pregnancy and while I was breastfeeding.  I didn’t get any stretch marks and it helped keep my skin tight!  I take 2 scoops of vitals every day and always have a few travel packs available in my purse! Plus I stock up on these for vaca!

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