Since I’ve been little, people have always said, “You’ve got a lot of energy!”  Sometimes I think people are pissed about my energy level and other times I think they are totally jealous.  Either way, I love my energy and it makes me the positive AF, light up this world, go-getter, badass, fitness expert, adventurous, boss babe I am!!  What people might not know is that it takes some effort on my part to be this high flying, energized bunny.  If you are curious how I keep my energy up, here’s your chance to learn my secrets.

Have you ever followed a routine?  I’m talking about a daily ritual that gives you all the feels and makes you literally excited to wake up each morning.  It’s the kind of routine that doesn’t have you hitting the snooze button or dreading seeing the sunrise.  It makes you jump up and think, “Thank God it’s morning, I am fucking pumped!”  Yes, I am a morning person and this is how I wake up:  I never hit snooze; snooze is for losers (sorry, not sorry).  Snooze buttons only make you more tired, late and less excited about the day ahead. 

My morning routine energizes me, but it’s also because my evening routine includes an early bedtime.  I like to guarantee myself 7 hours or more of sleep per night to keep my energy on point.  When my alarm goes off, or better yet when I beat my alarm awake, I fly out of bed – ready to seize the day.  Five days a week, I teach group fitness classes as the sun comes up and I love it.  I need 60 minutes of alone time to charge up before greeting my class with a smile and positive vibes.  Also included in my evening routine is a pre-set coffee pot, ready with the magic black brew as I enter the kitchen (this is also a morning time -saver).  A hot cup of coffee and breakfast are part of my pre-work morning routine.  With my breakfast, I love to practice gratitude and jot down some daily intentions.  While preparing my fitness class, I make a short to-do list of high priority things I need to check off that day along with some kind of self-care that’s just for me.  I love to reward myself with self care, it’s really energizing and not selfish: stay tuned for my next blog when I share my favorite self care activities.  Indulge, there are plenty of free self care activities you can do daily to increase your energy. 

Now, back to my routine.  As I leave the house, I make sure to say some kind words to myself as I throw my hair in a messy bun and lace up my shoes.  When I arrive at the studio, I pick a song that lights me up.  I have a mini dance party, test out my exercises moves and, before I know it, I’m miked up and ready to sweat.  45 minutes later, my endorphins are up, my sports bra is drenched and those post workout feels have my energy leveled up.  I hold it here all day by spending time refueling with nutritious foods, moments of rest, more alone time, self care activities and focusing on all the good feels.  As evening approaches, I get back to a routine.  My evening includes time outside, a dance party with Ruby, then her dinner, bath and bed (she goes down at 6:30 p.m. AHHHmazing!!) Once she’s in bed, Marcus and I enjoy dinner and alone time, we chat, we clean up, we relax and then lights out.  I try to read, journal or practice gratitude before my head hits the pillow, but sometimes the energizer bunny is drained.  Lavender essential oils, a weighted eye mask and a loud fan put me right to sleep and ready to recharge so I can wake up roaring to go! 

My top suggestions for high energy are:

  1. Rest- try going to bed earlier, mediating or a quick 20-minute power naps during the day!
  2. A morning routine that makes you want to jump out of bed
  3. Food with good nutritional value
  4. Self care or alone time just for you
  5. An evening routine that relaxes you
  6. Daily movement to keep get your endorphins up

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