Heads up: I wrote this blog post prior to receiving a positive pregnancy test. I will keep you updated on my growing belly and body changes over the next 8 months! Stay tuned for “Body after baby #2” Coming Summer 2020!

I remember walking with one of my besties and chatting about the thought of becoming a mom. We said some pretty ridiculous shit. Something that came up often between us was “what if our bodies change?” “What if we can’t lose the baby weight and we become frumpy?” “What if we hate life after we become moms?” Looking back the conversations are laughable. We were so scared!

First, I want to tell you, the scariest thing about Motherhood is other moms. Some people just complain a lot – they make everything difficult, they rarely see the glass half full and they just try to suck you into their low vibe energy. Life goal: avoid these people. My glass is almost always full, I choose to vibe high and I just don’t see the point in complaining. It takes work to be a “positive Patty” 24/7 but it beats the alternative. When I was contemplating becoming a mom, I was terrified I’d become a complainer, filled with low energy and excuses. I really didn’t want to become one of those moms.

Sorry to say, but some moms give motherhood a bad name. They talk about how hard it is, how tired they are, how they have no time for themselves and a bunch of other shit. I get it, life can be difficult for all of us. We are all in different chapters, just trying to do the best we can. However, when you walk around all day talking about the negative, life is going to give you more negative. Change your thoughts, shape up your attitude and things shift for the better! (Just saying!)

After I announced I was pregnant, the negative comments continued. You wouldn’t believe the horror stories and the way moms talk. After a few months of negative bullshit, I decided to tune them out. I literally didn’t listen to anyone who said anything negative. I only engaged in conversations that were positive. For those moms out there who are talking positive about pregnancy, motherhood and the grind, I applaud you. Way to keep it cool!! You are my heroes!

My pregnancy was easy, my labor was easy and becoming a mom has been easy. My go-to phrase after having Ruby was “Mom Life is Wild!” This is exactly how I felt. It’s like a wild ass ride that has you going through all the feels and at the end of the ride (or day) you think I’d do it again, that wasn’t so bad! Of course I was tired, I cried, I was emotional, my life was turned upside down, my tits were spitting milk in every direction but it was all so fun. It was new and exciting. Everything I knew was different. I embraced the change and learned a new normal. The ride still continues and I just keep loving every moment of it. Every day I try to focus on the positive and laugh. When all else fails, I turn to wine. Pro tip: Wine tastes better as a mom. (now that I’m pregnant I just power walk and meditate instead!)

The baby weight came off and I’m stronger than ever. I grew a human, birthed a child, produced milk for a year and gave unlimited energy to a baby. During this time, I continued to stay true to me – this was a BIG GOAL I set for myself. I kept my vibe high every day by following my life routines. Check them out here! Instead of losing myself in becoming a mom, I became a mom while still “Living it up” being me. You have to be you first and then a mom. Remember, if mama ain’t happy, nobody is happy. This is true. Keep yourself happy and life will be easier, whether you are a mom or not.

If you are feeling like a complainer with a low vibe, read some of my other blog posts to shape up your ass, attitude and life. They will inspire you to start Living It Up so life can be filled with more fun, happy, feel good moments!

If you are becoming a new mom soon, it’s going to be WILD AF but it’s awesome. Keep your vibe positive, ask for help, take breaks, give your husband or partner responsibilities, and make time for everything that made you – you before baby – and it will be easy. Your body will change, but know that it’s possible to feel strong, sexy and confident after! Give it time, then be consistent. More tips coming soon as I tackle my 2nd pregnancy and continue to LIVE IT UP!

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