Have you ever been rejected from something not once but several times, or felt like there wasn’t something out there you were looking for? I had this happen when starting SIU! I applied for a position I felt I was overqualified for, they rejected me and I said “Fuck it. I’ll take my ideas and invent it myself!” While starting SIU, I hit roadblock after roadblock. I had no credit, no credit card and pretty much no idea what I was doing, but I had zero fucks about failing so full speed ahead! I had no fear because I had nothing to lose! What’s the worst that could happen? I’d beer cart forever?! I loved slinging cocktails to golfers.

21st B-day celebrated Beer-Carting!

I’m sure you’ve heard that Walt Disney was rejected about 300 times while trying to get financing for his dream of creating Disneyland amusement park. Did old man Walt stop after he heard no once? I don’t think so; he marched his ass to the next banker and pitched his shit like a real entrepreneur! This guy has always been a huge inspiration to me! Think if he would have stopped after 1 or even 10 no’s. We’d be living in a Disney-free sad AF world. Thank you, Walt, for following you dreams and inspiring other dreamers like me!

If you’ve been following my blog, you might be aware I am in the process of creating another business! I’m jacked! Things are coming together nicely! A lot of you are super curious about what I am creating!! You know I’m terrible at keeping secrets or keeping quiet about what I’m doing, but this one has been pretty hush-hush! I’m actually kind of proud to be dotting all of my I’s and crossing most of my T’s on this next adventure. SIU was a business project that so many people got to be a part of at the beginning. I was learning, everything was new, I just was flying and bringing you along for the ride. This time, I decided I really wanted to think it through and have a solid action plan. Idea turned vision turned reality is something I love. Remember that message I keep getting – “It’s about the journey, not the destination?” Well, that keeps playing over and over again in my head as I plan, draft, type, delete, type again, plan, set goals, and talk to a few close sources about my new hustle.

For those asking, I’ll tell you a few things: this new gig comes after being rejected multiple times from others! I was sick of hearing NO and decided, “I’ll create my own!” Second, it’s something I am uber- passionate about! Third, I can do 90% of it from home or the beach or on the road – maybe in Omaha or Texas. Fourth, it takes my favorite “tasks” from my business-owner position at SIU and allows me to do them again in a new, creative way. It has NOTHING to do with fitness or nutrition. It’s 100% separate from Shape It Up; I mean in case, one day, someone offers me a few million dollars to buy SIU, I’ll want to say yes! It’s completely original, built from scratch and I can’t wait. It’s hopefully going to be the next coolest thing ever! Do I have you thinking??!!! Any guesses? I’d love to know what you’re thinking!

More details coming soon as I prepare to launch phase 1, which means a website, social media and more! Stay tuned.


  1. I believe in you 100% and know you will do awesome with your new business, can’t wait to chat and hear all about the success with your new company!! 👊🏻

  2. I find it hard to believe that you have heard NO so many times! Stay strong and super excited to hear about what is in the future for you!

  3. Your energy is contagious and you have such great ideas! You’ll do amazing in this new venture, can’t wait to REALLY hear more about it 🙂

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