Take a Deep Breath NOW!

Dude, everyone needs to take a deep breath and realize that having a healthy body is achievable at any age, not just in the glory days! I’ve met countless women who are “looking for the quick fix!” Girlfriend, give it a rest!! Nobody gets a healthy body quickly. Looking hot naked takes time and practice. The first step to getting fit is self-love. I know you think it’s something else, like more fitness or less food or some other bullshit story you’ve made up. But honestly, the secret to loving your body is loving you.

Right now, you are probably thinking, “Megan is crazy. If I eat less during the day, fast for 12 hours, guzzle shakes, exercise two times per day, sign up for this program, take these diet pills, read this book or whatever else to occupy my mind then I’ll lose weight or tone up or hit whatever goal I have.” Wrong! Call me Myth Buster Megan but after watching women for almost 10 years in all stages of life chasing the “goal.” I’ve found out that what they are really after is happiness with themselves: A.K.A. SELF LOVE!!! Most of the time, the biggest “mistake” people are making when it comes to weight loss or “getting in shape” is in their heart. It’s not the food, unless they are pounding sugar (that’s a no-no) or the lack of exercise (unless they aren’t moving at all) but instead, it’s the negative self-talk and stress that is making their pants tight.

My life hasn’t always been rainbows and glitter in the body-positive arena. I used to self-sabotage and tell myself I’d be so much “better” if I was 20 pounds thinner. I would be happier, most liked, have better clothes, have more fun … yada yada. Lies. All lies. Life would be the same at 120, 140 or 160 pounds if I always looked in the mirror and said mean words. Instead, I started to do some self-love work. This takes time and patience. Maybe you will wake up tomorrow and never talk mean to or about yourself again, but it didn’t work like that for me. It took time, energy, relapses and, still to this day, I backtrack and then get back on the self-love train. However, when I feel my best, I know it’s when I’m loving myself the most!

When women walk into their first sessions with me, I see the struggle and I know what’s up. I listen and the story is usually similar. Somewhere in the mix of a busy life, they forgot about self-love. They put everyone else first, and now they are out of energy and their self-love tank is running on E. My job is to fill that tank up. Full, filled, overflowing while doing the other “personal trainer work” –like “wow, girl you are getting STRONGER, leaner, more toned … give me that HIGH FIVE!” My goal, as your wellness friend and mentor, is to help you find confidence, self-love and get you to realize that all the magic and weight loss come from inside. Don’t think this is all fun and games; I am going to make you sore AF, I’m going to have you ditch the shit and eat clean, we are going to make sure sleep and self-care tops your list of fun while practicing to keep you stress-free – like meditating, which can simply be walking alone outside. But guess what? Every 4 weeks when we pull the tape measure around your ass and belly, it’s going to go down!! Clothes are going to look better and pretty soon –when you look in the mirror – you’ll like what you see!! You’ll be loving yourself!!! And before long you will be thanking me. But really, it’s not me … it’s all you. You found the love and now you are an unstoppable fitness babe, hot shit, self-loving, confident AF, badass woman you always were “like in your glory days!”

While writing this blog I texted a bunch of clients. My text was: “I’m working on a blog post about self-love and weight loss. Can you give me a sentence or two about how your self-love has increased since working with me. (I think it totally has!!!) Right?!!!”

Here’s what they said:

”I can have sex with the lights on again!”

“My self-love has made me forget about the scale and instead listen to my body and how my clothes feel. I know that positivity, exercise, spa treatments and eating right all help the weight loss, but the inner voice telling you that you are great and looking in the mirror saying I look great makes it that much better!!”

Before committing to working out and practicing self-love, I often caught my mind wandering to negative thoughts like “oh I should be a lot further on this journey,” or I am so unhappy with myself” but instead now I focus on how far I’ve come.

I have invested in myself and really focused on a healthy lifestyle through food, exercise and balance. The results have allowed me to see that in doing the work I gained self-love, I put myself first and train hard. Every sweat session is self-love, not only am I building muscle but I’m amplifying my attitude about me. “I can do this! The hard work does pay off!!”

I think my lack of energy, self-love and confidence kept me from enjoying important moments connecting with my husband. I’d get up in the morning counting the minutes till I could go back to bed. Now I’m getting up early, feeling more organized and energized. My body feels strong and I’m wearing clothes that make me feel good versus “it’s the only thing that fits.” I’ve realized if I love myself my kids follow suit. They follow my lead and that makes it all worth it.

“I don’t talk shit to myself anymore and now I’m just happier and thinner.”

If you want to work with me and find the self love, email me! Megan@shapeitupfitnessmn.com

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