Last week, I shared with you my 15-week bump photos. Well, those were a hard pill for me to swallow. Here’s the thing with pregnancy: one minute I’m all like “I am ONLY 16 weeks pregnant” and the next minute I am like,“I’m ALREADY 16 weeks pregnant!” When I did a side-by -side comparison of my 5-week, 12-week and 15-week body I was like, “Jeez Megan, have another donut.” I can preach all the body positivity I want but watching myself plump up is hard, even if it’s for an amazing reason like a new baby! Trust me, I am jacked up for baby #2, but gaining weight sucks. Maybe you enjoyed the process but it’s stressful AF for me. I’m a fitness lover, personal trainer, wellness coach, movement motivator for a reason.

The crazy part about being pregnant a second time is the excitement is so different. While pregnant with Ruby, I had so much to focus on because everything was new. I had to create a nursery, buy and research everything, plan for showers, and chat nonstop about the pregnancy with others. I was really excited and what was coming seemed like a fantasy – I’d daydream nonstop about holding and snuggling a baby. Reality, round 2: you have everything, the nursery is still done (I mean, unless it’s a boy) there isn’t a shower, do people even care? My biggest excitement is the thought of wine, like the entire bottle! But really, I probably won’t have much wine because I’ll be sleep deprived, thirsty for water, a 24/7 milk station, with a body dying to hit the gym but still recovering from you know … pushing a kid out your crotch. Hello fantasy!

My body also seems to be haywire this time around. Like how do I look so pregnant so fast? I’m still working out, everyday! You see my IG stories, I’m hitting 10K per day! Sorry I drank a few lattes and at one fucking donut, but did you have to make my ass jiggle so fast? Thank God I’m still doing my booty moves or Kim Kardashian might be after me. Did I mention I’m really tired? The first time around I was super woman. I’d nap but then I’d rally. Super nap star is the only award I’m winning this time around. Marcus called me lazy on accident and I almost cut his nuts off. I’m far from lazy but am definitely a few steps behind my usual energetic self. I was really getting stressed about my chub and lack of energy and THEN it clicked: I NEED TO START EATING HEALTHY!!!!! About 2 months ago, I almost forgot what a vegetable was. Cheese, cream everything, cheese, cheese flavoring, hot stuff, pizza, cheese, cheese soup and cheese sauce…followed by sweets. NICE HEALTHY EATING PLAN! I see what’s up; I bet I have no energy and feel extra frumpy because yes, I am eating 100% worse than I did with Ruby. If anyone remembers, my craving with Ruby was grapefruit and cheerios –that’s like a fat-free diet plan. Wonder why I stayed lean (but healthy pregnancy lean).

Starting a week ago, I said no matter how much vegetables make me gag, I am going back to drinking smoothies, eating salads, roasting vegetables and filling myself up with nutrients. END OF STORY. I am going to journal around this and see if my energy increase. I am limiting myself to 1 treat a day, that’s it. Fast-forward to Booty Friyay and I’m already feeling better about myself. My energy is increasing and I’m just happier. 24 weeks to go – I’ve got this!

But in case you are wondering, here’s a food bucket list update:

The Original List- and a note on the progress!

1. Fondue Night – Not yet.

2. Homemade Pizza I haven’t officially made a pizza but I’ve had a lot of pizza. I can stop now. **Ok, I’ve had a lot of pizza so I don’t think I need to make homemade anymore! Bye Pizza!

3. Caramel Roll- Going to Ruby’s Roost but haven’t made it yet.

4. Cinnamon Roll- I’ve already had 4 (Thanks, Cortney!)

5. Christmas Cookie Extravaganza – Christmas is less than 100 days away, I better get baking.

6. State Fair Food Tour The lines were super long but I ate a few yummy things! – The lines were super long the day we went but I managed to eat a few things.

7. New Date Day spots weekly (Soak up family of 3 life) – We are working on this!

8. Homemade Chinese Night – Not yet.

9. Thai Night – We’ve eaten at a Thai restaurant and I haven’t wanted Thia since!

10. Queso Cheese on my cheese Nachos, Tator tots, chips and cheese, pretty much killing it in the cheese department. – HIDE THE CHEESE FROM ME!!!!

11. Cheese Platter/s Definitely loving cheese. All kinds! My thighs prove it. – AGAIN, HIDE THE CHEESE!

12. Apple Fritter Donut I had a big donut from Byerly’s, that’s probably good!

13. Appetizers on Sunday for football games We are 3 weeks into the season, ribs, chicken wings, and virgin bloodies with all the snacks. Going strong!

14. Thanksgiving Dinner Bonus (Make a 2nd feast the day or two after) – Coming soon!! P.S. Work Out at SIU Thanksgiving Morning!

15. Vegetable Pizza – Brought this to retreat weekend and chowed it!

16. Something killer for NYE

Anyone else hungry now?

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