When I started my journey in fitness, I wore whatever I had. Here’s a picture from one of my first running races. I giggle when I see this. This is a cotton shirt, cotton capris sweatpants, a giant headband and who knows what kind of shoes. I’m sure they were from Kohls. I found the photo on Facebook from this old ass album Trail Mix – not the snack, but I ran up hill for 8 miles on weird trails. See, I was doing the work – killing it way back in 2007 while looking like a dork. I didn’t know what I looked like and I’m sure I didn’t care! I was usually drunk in those days!

I’ve come a long way – all the way around – since those college days. I am happy to report that my taste in fitness gear has evolved. The correct fitness gear in the RIGHT SIZE feels really good while hitting the gym. I’m not going to judge anyone who is working out in cotton shirts and capris with Kohl’s shoes because I am happy AF you are moving. But as you continue to enjoy fitness and your wellness journey, here are my tips for upgrading your “gym style.” I like to toss this out there, though I am no fashionista. I am pretty low maintenance – I buy $129 Lulu leggings but also enjoy shit off clearance deals. I love nice sports bras but spending over $50 on them kills me.

My first tip is to invest in GOOD shoes. I am not talking about the cutest Nike’s you can find. In my opinion Nike shoes suck! They aren’t very supportive and anyone with joint issues should upgrade. A good shoe should have some support. I avoid shoes that are as light as a feather, feel like a sock, have a small lace bed or are from department stores. I buy my shoes from TC Running in Eden Prairie. (I’m not getting paid to promote TC Running but I wish I was!!) I suggest looking into shoes from specific “running” shoe stores. The sales people at these stores are educated in fitting people of all ages with running shoes – they watch you walk barefoot, then recommend shoes and let you test them … as in they tell you to walk and move around – wearing the shoes – in the store! My favorite brand is Mizuno. I run in the Wave Rider. These are my current shoes you can buy them here or at TC Running. Don’t just go buy these because they work for me. Try on a lot of shoes to see what’s best for your foot! Do tell TC Running I sent you if you decide to check them out!

Pro Tip 2: Good leggings are worth the investment. My two favorite brands are Lululemon and Athleta. They both work great for me. Make sure to try the leggings on and ask the sales associate if they are the appropriate size. A lot of my clients buy the wrong size because they are nervous to “down size.” Legging are supposed to be ASS tight. They shouldn’t gap or have extra slack in places. Here are my top 3: Lululemon Align Pants (for everyday life, dressing up or down, and yoga); Fast and Free Tights (for booty work and fitness); Athleta Elation 7/8 Tight in Powervita (for all things fitness).

Pro Tip 3: Let’s talk tops! So investing in expensive leggings is totally worth it, but tops, you can save money here! At SIU, I sell a lot of tank tops and they totally rock! They are cute, cheap and people’s favorites! They are my daily uniform! Order by emailing megan@shapeitupfitnessmn.com and we’ll ship! I also love Gap workout tops, specifically the GapFit Breathe Tie-Back Tank Top (On clearance NOW)! Also Lululemon does have great expensive-ass tops! or Amazon for super cheap knock off tops!

Gap Top mentioned, Lulu shorts & bra

Pro Tip 4: Good sports bras! I have small boobs, except right now, so usually I can rock almost any sports bra. But for those who have more titty, you need to find something with great support so you can “jump, jump, jump!” I am not 100% sure where or what these are but I’ll ask around. I just size up and let my preggo boobies jiggle a bit.

Comment and let me know your favorite fitness apparel! I love trying new stuf

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