Hey girl hey! It’s fall and thank God there are NO more swimsuit days left this season. My baby belly is pop’n and mama is living in her yoga pants – the larger ones! All the size smalls are now on the bottom of the pile, see ya next spring little leggings! One day my bra fit and the next day I felt like I was something straight out of Playboy –not as hot, but wow, I can’t stop staring. Really, I can’t stop looking at myself naked in the mirror. My body has an extreme resemblance to the Grinch, so bring on the holidays and get me closer to 2020!! My arms and legs are still toned but the midsection is another story. The female body is amazing, but did anyone else struggle – physically and mentally – with gaining weight while pregnant? I know it is part of the process but man, I miss my skinny jeans and firm ass. People are asking about my workout schedule: yes, I am still shaping it up daily. I’m doing a little lower impact, skipping the abs and hitting my 10k steps a day! Don’t you worry, I practice what I preach and fitness is my life! Happy 15-week marker! (Bump Pics Below: Maren Delany Photography!)

Fall is my second favorite season – it’s usually ‘give me all the red wine, charcuterie boards and football, and then find me sipping nickel beers at my fave hometown event, Nickle Dickle Day, and soaking up all the last rays of sun’. Right now, Mama is just over here thinking about pumpkin bars, slamming lattes, ordering “Rise and Awaken” books, burning essential oils like crazy and putting my feet up. I’m actually enjoying this more than I’d like to admit. I haven’t been hung over in months and I have extra free time!

This – thank you free time – is how I came up with my new business adventure which is going strong! A lot of you have been asking “What?,” but I’m not ready to disclose yet! I’ll share that my graphic designer, Danielle Alexander Bailey, is nailing the logo and branding while my IT manager Elle Fischer is hard at work coaching me and building my website. I’m researching, writing content, and coming up with tons of ideas and inspiration while planning some fun launch ideas! Keep your eyes on my IG story for mini details as I plan away!

My fall food pregnancy cravings right now are pretty awesome – Italian dressing, stuff with some “kick” and anything creamy (almond milk lattes, soup, dairy-free ice cream). I’m lathering up in coconut oil, stretching my muscles, taking my prenatal vitamins and resting. You will also catch me on walks, at Mocha Monkey, sitting braless on the couch or sipping an ice tea while snacking at happy hour. I hope you are having a great start to fall, and please comment about what you’re up to! (Other Photo Creds: FourFold Studios)

My next check-up is coming soon, and I am headed back to see the midwives and planning for a natural birth … hopefully in the tub again! Bring it on!

Here are a few other fall favorites:

1. Beauty Counter makeup, specifically this Velvet Eyeshadow Palette- Classic. I’m in love. Oh, and also the Rejuvenating eye cream (Bye Wrinkles)!

2. The Healthy Deodorant Lavanila – I switched from Native a few months ago and I like this better! I buy mine here on Amazon!

3. These fall essential oil flavors! I place an order monthly on the 10th, so let me know if you want something! Oils make great stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts! Next order is Oct. 10th. (FREE SHIPPING!)

4. As always, collagen peptides! I’m trying to prevent stretch marks and keep building collagen everywhere!

5. Coconut oil – prevents stretch marks, is a great carrier oil for essential oils, it’s great for cooking and it’s a natural lubricant (you’re welcome!)! Multi-purpose stuff; I recommend 2 jars, one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen! Costco carries this giant tub for like $15 otherwise, throw it in your Amazon Cart- Buy it here!

What things are you currently loving?! Comment & Share!

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