This week has been busy and nothing bump a good time. I’ve spoiled myself with self care and naps. Ruby’s treated me to over 1,000 tea parties, I had another doctors appointment (every 2 weeks now), a 3D ultrasound (OMG he’s cute), a blind date, a collaboration meeting and I’ve spent hours planning for the fun ahead. Sorry but Mama is spent! 32 weeks pregnant, thirsty for lots of water and sometimes my crotch feels broken however, I’m still Living It Up every damn day!

Hell Yes! 2020! Happy New Year! Go Megan! Mom Boss It Up!

I know you want to see my growing body so, here you go.

P.S. I’ll catch you up on everything next week! Stay tuned and for more Live It Up fun, follow me on Instagram!

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  1. I know you may not always see it yourself or feel it, but you look AMAZING and are rocking mom life and this pregnancy!

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