I feel like I laced up my running shoes and have been sprinting into 2020 while taking short pauses to high -five some people, give a quick hug and slam another Kombucha! My little Ruby is running close behind, mimicking every word I say while stealing all my Kombucha and I yelling “Keep up mini-mom boss” – this is our life! For real, I took two years off of drinking Kombucha and all of a sudden, I can’t stop. It’s so fucking good and I am so sober: I forgot what real booze tastes like so maybe I’ll switch from wine to Kombucha permanently…

Just kidding! Me and no wine? Don’t think so. Last weekend we hosted our “Manifesting and Vision Board” workshop at Shape It Up, led by Psychic Medium Allie Maurer. After a kick-ass workshop on how to make our dreams comes true, we crafted our 2020 vision boards. My favorite way to make a vision board is to peel through magazines and find photos that light me up. Well, almost every photo that lit me up included drinks! Mama is thirsty, and ready to celebrate a new baby and all the things 2020 has to offer! Yes, my Kombucha fixation is probably only temporary. But ya never know: new year, new me! I’ll roll with it. The countdown is on! Less than 9 weeks!

“Enjoy the Journey;” that’s my 2020 mantra. And, 10 days into this new year and new decade, I have been! Life has been really good. Like I said, I’m running at full speed, enjoying every moment of Mom Boss Life! (WE LAUNCHED MOM BOSS INC this week- did ya hear?!) As I went through magazines last Saturday and brainstormed my visions for the next few months, I came up with the following:

First, I like to make vision boards every few months! I love setting goals that have a quick deadline. Of course, I like to dream BIG but my vision boards are usually short, sweet and seasonal. Then I get to make another one sooner, because it’s addicting to watch your dreams come true! Over the next 3 months I want to keep this 2020 vibe up and bump’n. As we add a new baby to our family, my biggest goal will continue to be “enjoy the journey.”

During the workshop, I asked myself, “How will I continue to enjoy the journey?” Well, I’ve been trying really hard to practice mindfulness and be present. All these books I’ve been reading share a similar topic: it’s important to have goals and dreams, but living in the moment is the real shit. A phrase I keep coming across in books, on social media and in conversations is “ALL THE MAGIC HAPPENS IN THE MOMENT.” After hearing it so many times, I finally said, “OK, I will live in the moment.” This is a daily battle because I am a planner! My heart is always focused on what’s next, but, like I said, I’ve been trying! As much as I am on social media, I’ve cut back a lot. I put my phone away and I play. Like really play, dance and engage with Ruby. I talk to Tevi and I really listen. It’s funny, but magic seriously happens when I am SUPER present and mindful.

Second, I know things are about to get intense. But, I want to keep doing all the things, Tevi wants to keep doing all the thing and, yet, we are putting a toddler to bed at 6:30 p.m. every night and about to have a new nugget to figure out. By staying present, encouraging each other and finding balance for each of us to continue our own hobbies is a BIG GOAL we are going to achieve. It will take some time to find the groove but I’m extremely confident we will keep “DREAMING BIG with Small Children.”

Other post-baby goals include reconnecting with all my LIVE IT UP FAVE things: 1. Dates and time alone with Tevi (this might be more of a long-term goal, but we will find sitters and sneak in a few dates as always!) 2. Drinks and girl time (Baby can come with me!) 3. Revenge body which, for starters, will mean healing, and lots of nourishment while focusing on my happiness. 4. House searching is in full swing 5. New SIU Studio- more deets coming soon!

I had so much fun making boards last weekend that I decided to also make a second side – adding a few daily goals and an individual goal for each area of interest!

My daily goal is all about doing things and then having the go-with-the-flow vibe to say, “I can get back to that tomorrow!” By getting up early, I can usually tackle most of my time-sensitive items on my to-do list. Then I can be more present the rest of the day!

I did throw a few longer-term goals on here! Tennis with Tevi! SIU Retreat! Yoga/Yoga Sculpt certification! And then keep Living It Up, growing Mom Boss, Sweating with SIUers and more! Running shoes shall remain laced all year, Kombucha might be optional but did you see that tray of margaritas on my board above? Yummy!

Comment if you want a baby bump pic next week?!

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